Sunday, 8 January 2012

Language Aquisition and Nursery Rhymes

I thought I'd begin my working year by reviewing our Pixelhouse Nursery Rhyme resource in action. That is, how have the people who have purchased this resource found it....did it work?
So I headed off to Miramar, to the Kidz Corner Early Childhood Centre This switched on centre was the first in Wellington to purchase and use this resource. So for and publishing in Wellington their feedback is pivotal.
Well what a gift. It couldn't have been better. The kids love the books, the songs, the posters, the ebooks...everything... Wow.
It gets better.
Gillian, the headteacher had given the books, posters etc., to the under twos and they loved it so much no other age group has had a chance to use it. Helen, the teacher with this age group, had done a terrific job. First she introduced the books, one at a time, beginning with the most familiar, Twinkle Twinkle and Baa Baa Black Sheep.  A visiting singing/music teacher extended this and and included the rhymes in her programme and next came the nursery rhyme themed dramatic play with puppets and actors. dress-ups and props. All eggs are now Humpty Dumptys and all spiders Incy Wincy. And the sad ending of Humpty Dumpty has had a new resolution as the children adapt the events to their world view...let's just say a bungy is involved and everyone feels much better for Humpty.
I couldn't have scripted the programme better. The teachers noticed the acquisition of language, the independent reading of the books, the increase in dramatic play and storytelling. Many children carrying their favourite "one" around with them or taking it home to share with their family and friends.
There are ebooks and eActivities with this resource as well. Helen very cleverly didn't introduce these until the children were familiar with the books.The moment children saw them on screen they recognised them  instantly and rushed off to find the matching print version. Again this was how I as the publisher/educator had envisioned things unfolding but for it to happen without my instruction or "how to guide" was exciting. It is the integration of media that excites me. The possibilities that integration gives the repeating and extending  learning experience for a child. We don't all get it in one go or in one way. This is integration at work.
Where to from here?
I'm inspired. I'm motivated and I am grateful to the teachers at The Miramar Kidz Corner, and their professional practice that is leading the way for literacy in an early childhood setting.
On the 10th of February, next month, I'm returning to Miramar for photos and learning stories of all of this in action watch this space for more.

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