Saturday, 28 April 2012

Miramar North Art Kindergarten Exhibition

This week at Thistle Hall, Cuba Street, Wellington, magic happened. The children of Miramar North Kindergarten exhibited their art. A few pieces from this exhibition are captured here.

The magic is the art. The art which touched all who viewed and came closer to children's understanding of their world. How much children see, and how much they can communicate to us through art.
This drawing of "A duck looking behind to make sure no one is following"  by Ben Trugly is just a small glimpse of the never ending joy of children's art. How skillfully Ben captures the duck; the movement and the tension. He is teaching us all to give the art materials to the children and watch and listen. Children through their art will tell us so much and with such skill.
In this piece Ben gains greater understanding about an every day object "A Milk Jug" . The lines on the side are the exploration of the measurement.
A snowflake in jail...what great creativity. Here we can see how art can be a great starting point for storytelling. Through art children can explore and extend their thinking to build their unique story.

People are endlessly fascinating. Children draw and paint people with color and vigour. Children draw and paint people to understand them and to tell their stories.
What wonderful playful imaginings. Everyday this painting could tell a new story. The possiblity for vocabulary development is endless.

These capterpillars were captured on the page because the inspirational teachers at Miramar North Kindergarten placed drawing paper on clipboards near all the caterpillars. These children took up the challenge. We can see how carefully they observed their subject.

The exhibition was aptly named Learning Through Art. Each piece in this exhibition lives up to this title. Miramar North Kindergarten is to be congratulated on providing such an expression of learning.


  1. Well done Miramar North Kindergarten - some really interesting representational drawings and paintings. Taking the time to get the stories alongside this work can be really illuminating can't it!?

  2. Great work! What a great way to engage children, whanau and the community in children's learning and creativity.

  3. “Great work Miramar Nth team. these artists flourish because they are working in an environment where teachers ensure resources and conversations show their interests are valued.”