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Performances to Develop Curiosity and Logical Thought

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Two Big Kids

Two Big Kids introduces young children to the world of science, performing arts or simply enthralls them in an entertaining and rewarding adventure.

 We know that the road ahead of our kids isn’t an easy one. We know that their hopefulness, their kindness and spirit will have to stand up against the confused selfishness of previous generations. We know that in the fleeting moments of their childhood it is our job to give them the armour and the tools to fight these battles, and to come out the other side the heroes we know they can be.

These tools, creativity and rationality, are developed only in an environment of empathy, where children have the bravery to think independently. Independence of thought – the power to lead their own learning – flourishes only when children know that their silly games and ideas aren’t so silly after all. We step in and provide the prompts, guiding their play away from cartoon characters constructed by corporations, towards moral tales, towards rationality and creativity. This allows us to develop every child’s ability to contribute new ideas, as well as every child’s ability to learn from the contributions of others.

Fortunately, developing this independent thought is strictly a matter of fun. Two Big Kids gives children a once in a lifetime opportunity to interact with world-class performers, allowing them to explore their own creativity and save the day. Available in both Auckland and Wellington for early childhood centres and kids’ parties, Two Big Kids not only teaches the value of play, but with the help of another big kid who recently represented New Zealand in a world physics tournament in Vienna, they also now offer performances specifically focused on introducing children to the world of science. These performances introduce rationality in an engaging way that leaves children with a curiosity and a logical thought process that will be with them for the rest of their life.

The Two Big Kids, Robbie Nicol and Maxwell Apse:
Currently studying Mathematics and Political Philosophy at the University of Auckland, Robbie recently returned from performances on the Globe Stage in London, while Maxwell, currently studying Film, Theatre and Philosophy at Victoria University, recently finished a season with Young & Hungry, a platform that showcases up and coming New Zealand talent.

Hugely passionate about theatre and the crucial nature of play in education, both Robbie and Max look to use their stage presence to develop the empathy and cooperation needed to promote playfulness within a group of children. An admirer of philosopher and mathematician Bertrand Russell, Robbie could not agree more that it is our job to discourage possessive impulses and encourage creative ones within our children. Robbie and Max live by the maxim that growing into a happy and confident adult, capable of making lives worthwhile both personally and for society at large, requires the kind of independent thought only possible through play.

The Mad Scientist, Evan Simmers:
Currently studying Engineering, Ancient History and Philosophy under a BA/BE conjoint at the University of Auckland, Evan Simmers is the big kid who recently represented New Zealand in a world physics tournament in Vienna. Evan recently realised that his proficiency at physics merely grew from the teachable qualities of an insatiable curiosity and an ability to think critically. Children are perfectly capable of leading their own learning, it is simply our job to provoke interest and ensure that we have created an environment in which they are able to continue asking questions, to invent their own answers and to then seek out more information if their proposed solutions don’t seem to do the trick.

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