Saturday, 11 February 2012

Embedding Literacy: Creating Our Clock

This Learning Story was written by Helen, a teacher at Miramar Kidz Corner, Wellington.

Our interest in nursery rhymes at the centre is getting more and more exciting. Today we made a huge clock so that we could act out Hickory, Dickory Dock. This is one of the favourites at the moment.

Here we are painting busily painting.
It was a big job, but what fun we had.

While the children were all sleeping the teachers taped the boxes together and added a clock face to the front. Jasmine got busy making mice to run up and down the clock. We were so excited and had to wait
for everybody to wake up and come and play.

Oscar and Sam were the first to wake up.They looked and pointed at the clock. They were quiet for a while until Sam finally said, “ Hickey, Dickey Dock."

Then they tried out the new mice and ran them up and down the clock.

Oscar carried on playing with the clock for a long time. “Tick, tock, tick, tock.” Oscar chanted to himself as he played. Sam sang "Hickory Dickory Dock" as he ran his mouse up and down the clock. Then he ran to get his book so he could read his story too.

 The mice and the clock look amazing. We hung the mice from the top of the clock for safe keeping. Everyone had a great time and we will leave the clock out so we can keep playing.

Pixelhouse came across this story on a follow-up visit to the centre. We were wanting to know how our Nursery Rhyme resource was going. We are so excited by these outcomes for Sam and the possibilities for others to develop literacy skills, using this resource.

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