Saturday, 11 February 2012

Sam's Story: A Literacy Learning Story

We were so lucky. We got some new nursery rhyme books. Sam you just loved them. You wanted to read them over and over again. There were lots for you to choose from but you soon found your favourite ones.

After a while of reading your favourites you were able to identify the books by their  pictures and tell us their titles.You would bring the book to me and say “Humpy Dumpy ”or “Hickey, Dickey Dock”. You are so clever Sam. I can’t believe how fast and how keen you are with your learning.

After a couple of days you discover that all the rhymes are pictured on the back of each book. Sam you show me what you have noticed and are able to name most of the rhymes and point them out to me.“There was a Crooked Man” was the only rhyme you were not sure of. When you found this picture you said “Oh no.”  I laughed, you were not happy that you didn’t know that one. Sam I gave you the title and you now call this one “Man”.  Great job Sam, you now know all the nursery rhyme titles.

This Learning Story was written by Helen who is a teacher at Miramar Kidz Corner, Wellington, an Early Childhood Centre.

Pixelhouse came across this story on a follow-up visit to the centre. We were wanting to know how our Nursery Rhyme resource was going. We are so excited by these outcomes for Sam and the possibilities for others to develop literacy skills, using this resource.

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