Tuesday 19 June 2012

The Incy Wincy Challenge : Mat Time at Miramar Kindergarten

Hi Everyone,
Great to see you here today.
I'm Noeline from Pixelhouse.

Here are my Pocket Full of Rhymes ebooks
 with e-activities that we made for you.

Incy Wincy Spider is all curled up.

He stretches out one long leg.

He stretetches. He climbs.
He gets right to the top.

Then down comes the rain.
Pitter. Patter.
Pitter Patter.

Out comes the big warm sun.

Incy wincy spider climbed up the water spout
....the ebook.

Here's his ...what's this... yes... Incy's web...
the e-activities.

So here's a water spout, a drain pipe.
Guess who's inside?

Yeah... the drainpipe goes against
 the side of the house.
Why is it there?

Yeah... Incy is sliding down.

Here he is.

But how does he get up again?

The Incy Wincy Challenge
How would you solve the problem?
How would you get Incy Wincy
 up the spout again?