Tuesday 26 January 2016

Creativity, An Important Literacy Tool

Each ebook in the 20/20 Literacy Programme www.pixelhouseonline.com has follow-up creative activities to enable the child to connect with the content from their understanding of the world and their experiences. Also to build comprehension skills that begin with the imagination.

Connecting to the Content

The first word most children learn to read and write is their name. This tells us a
lot. It tells us that the child’s connection to the word they are learning is a key
factor in committing the word to memory. Providing creative activities as part of the
learning process establishes a connection to the text of the ebook and to the words
to be learnt. It gives the child a chance to examine the concepts of a story in the
context of their world and their experiences. In this way the connection is made
and learning is enhanced.

Building Comprehension Skills

When we read we enter the world of a book in our imagination. We imagine the
places, the characters, the events and motivations of the story through our own
inner world of our imagination. The greater our imagination the greater our ability
to enter the world of the book and our ability to comprehend. Creative activities
that challenge children to use their imagination grows their inner world, enhancing
their memory, empathy and understanding.

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