Friday 29 January 2016

The Art of Learning

A child learns the fragility of a flower by touching it, the way a spider moves by crawling across the floor and the beauty of ice by watching it glisten and melt in the sun.

Pixelhouse eBooks have follow-up activities, some on science, some on art and some on both. The eBook "Swimming in the Sea." asks the child "Hey there, hey there. What do you see?" The child looks closer and discovers something swimming there, from the part to the whole, from the fin to the fish.

The follow-up activity here begins with a frozen gem. Blue dyed frozen water and rocks, a frozen rock pool, melting in the sun. The children observe and draw what they see. Black rocks gradually appear as the blue water drains away. Science and art, art and science.

Let go and let the children explore the magic that is science and art. Let the observations be real. Let the deep discoveries be the child's. And let them draw all this and it will be beautiful.

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